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Rock Anchoring

Deals with the design and construction of temporary and permanent pre-stressed Structures Rock Anchors are post tensioned tendons that are secured in underlying rock or other suitable surfaces. They are durable and very cost effective. We install rock anchors for :
• Slope Stabilization
• Countering uplift pressure for Foundation Raft
• Pile load tests

Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical Investigation is a field of Civil Engineering that deals with the technical behavior of earth related materials. A routine Geotechnical project ideally begins with a survey of underlying materials and their physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Drilltech steps in where required for on site investigation and services on projects pertaining to :
• Residential, Commercial, Industrial Buildings
• Tunnels for Railways, Highways, Sewerage projects.
• Cement, Thermal Power, Oil Refinery, Highways and other major project.
• Hydro-electric, Pumped Storage, Pipeline, Irrigation Projects.

Cage Making (1200 mm - 1500 mm dia)

Piling Services

We specialize in offering end to end solutions in piling. We are often acknowledged for offering best solutions within least possible time. With the help of hydraulic rotary pile, normal rotary pile and rotary pile by HR 130 & HR 180, we redefine piling services with effectiveness. With innovative techniques and unmatched expertise, we exceed the quality standards of the industry. Our services have gained wide appreciation for timely execution and cost effectiveness.


Micropiles are load bearing piles used to strenghten foundations or to retain walls. The advantage of the equipment lies in its installation which is relatively easy. It executes micropile projects using piles ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm in diameter. Micropiles could be done with the following Rig & Method.

Methodology of Piling

• Survey the area & mark the pile points.
• Bring the rig near pile point, Align tip of Auger with Pile Point using articulation & adjust vertically.
• Pre-bore @ 1m depth, place guide casing keeping pile point at centre & press by rotary. In case of longer casing it is placed in a similar way.
• Start Boring. Depending upon the material being bored, Drill & take out musk. After boring to the desired depth, clean the bore by using bucket.
• After the boring is finished, lower the cage in the bore using a crane or auxiliary winch of the rig. Pour the concrete using tremie pipe up to the top of the bore.
• Remove the temporary casing by crane/2nd winch.